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Tire Discounters

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The market for tire retailers is fragmented. There are dozens of competitors, all with eerily similar names and services. Our client, Tire Discounters, has cracked the top ten — but they’re itching to grow.

The challenge is that tires, in general, are a commodity product. And consumers know it. The company’s consumer profiles range from “need-based” buyers (flat tires, etc) to “gear heads,” who know exactly what they need.

Services Provided

  • Lead Generation
  • Web Application Design, Development
  • Data Architecture
  • Systems Integration
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In this campaign, we emphasized the value-add services that Tire Discounters provides to gain an edge on other tire retailers.

TD provides an “out the door with more” promise to its consumers, which changes the equation from a simple price comparison to a service-based model.

Find a Store

One basic but important feature of the website is the ability to find a nearby store.

Using geolocation services, the website suggests the nearest store to the visitor. The website provides the phone number and calls to action for each store, which are tracked, measured and optimized through A/B testing.

Find the tires that work best for you and your vehicle.

Finding the perfect fit

The biggest challenge in tire sales is that the consumer doesn't necessarily know which tire is best for their car, or even which tires will fit their car.

So, to help them find a tire, we had to start with the car.

The problem with this approach is there are many makes and models of cars out there — and many, many tires that map to those cars. User testing and research helped us to design an experience that enables the consumer to easily get from my car to the right tire.

Once the user provides a few details about their vehicle, the website helps them find a variety of suitable tire options based on the needs of the specified vehicle. The visitor can browse, filter and sort the various tires that will fit their vehicle.

For more sophisticated consumers, the website also provides the ability to search tires directly by size and specification.

Getting a Quote

After selecting the appropriate tires, the visitor can generate an online quote for the service at their nearest location.

Once the quote is generated, the website emphasizes the nearest location to the visitor, and provides options to print/email the quote and request an appointment.

Request an Appointment

If the user has compiled a quote on the website, it is also included in their appointment request.

After submission, the request is forwarded directly to the appropriate store. After receiving a request, a team member will call the consumer to confirm the day and time of the appointment.

Since launch, appointment requests via the website have increased 40%.