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Epcon is a builder and franchisor of single-family condominiums.

With over 100 communities nationwide, they offer 12 models of built-to-own, maintenance-free homes. Epcon builds homes to enhance lifestyles.

Business grew quickly and Epcon needed help maintaining their website. They wanted to produce new home sales, so they asked Dynamit to create a website to generate leads that turn into new home sales. Epcon wanted to accurately represent properties by collaborating with franchise partners.

Services Provided

  • User Experience Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Systems Integrations and API Services
  • Lead Generation
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Finding the right home in the right community should be easy.

Finding a community

Our main task on the website was to create qualified leads, so we wanted Epcon's site to accommodate both in-town and cross-country movers. We designed the homepage to display nearby communities and include a national search function, our goal being to convert website leads into home sales.

The home page uses IP-based geolocation to identify the user's location and present nearby communities.

We designed the map to display results in community clusters when multiple communities exist in a neighboring area. We also showcase individual communities, with quick info to drive users to the community details.

Visitors to Epcon's website may be moving to an unfamiliar area, so we created the Find a Community search. We designed the search function to use Google Maps for an interactive user experience. We built the location search using a natural language interface with an autocomplete function, to better suggest results for visitors.

Design Contact Methods to Increase Lead Generation

Epcon wanted the website to be as accessible as possible. We wanted users to easily and comfortably ask questions, so we developed different contact methods using web based contact forms and call tracking using Mongoose. We designed the browsing experience to establish a positive experience for potential homeowners.

Drive Traffic Using SEO

Epcon wanted to increase web traffic, so our goal was to make visits to community profiles easy. Many franchise partners created websites with no relationship to the corporate site, which made it difficult for search engines. We wanted to resolve that confusion to direct searches toward specific Epcon communities.

We designed the URL structure to produce more results from search engines. By setting up community profiles we were able to build a single Epcon site rather than separate franchise websites.

Design interactive virtual home model tours

Visualizing your home

Visitors want to imagine their future inside Epcon homes, so we designed the community profiles to reveal furnished model homes. We wanted to engage visitors and create a positive experience in preparation for their travel to an Epcon community, so we set up a full screen photo gallery.

The virtual photo tour uses full screen, high resolution images of homes in a slideshow, while the HD video virtual tour walks visitors through home models and floorplans.

Allow franchise partners to easily manage content

Epcon wanted to work with franchises to maintain their online presence, so we customized an administrative website for staff members. Their corporate team wanted to maintain consistent branding while allowing room for individual community management.



We found a way to protect site branding by developing templates for community profile editing. We achieved this by including a corporate folder of professional images available for use in the photo gallery.



Epcon exceeded company-wide lead quota.


Epcon has achieved a singular brand and web presence. They are equipped with the ability to manage and maintain their property inventory, rich content and user experience fashioned to generate high-quality leads.

These results were achieved in the midst of one of the worst markets the real estate and development industries have seen in over a quarter-century. Those levels maintain today.