Donatos Pizza

Easy to Order. Easy to Love.

We Make Ordering Pizza Ridiculously Easy


Donatos Pizza is a pizza chain with approximately 200 locations across the Midwest.

In 2014, Donatos asked Dynamit to design and develop a new responsive website and online ordering system. The strategy for the project was simple: make it ridiculously easy to order a pizza.

Since launch, the website has been recognized in the press as the industry leader in online ordering. Sales via the web and mobile are up nearly 40%, which has spurred millions of dollars in systemwide growth.

Services Provided

  • Ecommerce and Online Ordering
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Custom CMS
  • Systems Integration
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Pizza is amazing. Ordering it online should be just as amazing

The Ordering Experience

Two Ways To Order

Search or browse. It's your choice.

One of the most interesting features of the Donatos website is the introduction of the search bar for text-based ordering. Visitors to the website can find and customize their pizza with only a few keystrokes.

The strategy for the traditional menu pages on the site was two-fold. First, many restaurant websites separate the “menu” experience from the “ordering” experience. We united these experiences to make it as easy as possible to order a pizza. Second, we emphasized a retail-oriented experience for browsing the products. We feature the food in an environment designed to promote browsing, cross-selling and up-selling.

Simplified Customization

Customizing food products can be a tricky business. People have very particular needs when it comes to customizing a pizza: toppings can be applied to the whole, the half, they can be doubled, the crusts and sauces can be changed, etc.

To make it easy to customize a pizza, we consolidated the experience into a single page, which eliminates the constant and troublesome page refreshes used by the other major pizza chains.

Don't know which Donatos to order from? No problem.

Online ordering in the food space differs from traditional e-commerce experience. Menus, prices and availability depend on the location from which you're ordering.

In most restaurant online ordering environments, the visitor is first required to select a location.

This "select a location" step lengthens the ordering process and makes abandonment more likely.

To make it as easy as possible to order a pizza, we use an algorithm that suggests a location to the visitor, based on previous orders and the visitor's physical location.

Checking out shouldn't be a burden. Complete Your Order

Two for One

The cart and checkout experience include suggestive sell items, based on the current contents of the cart.

For example, if the visitor has ordered a pizza, we provide several options from the side and beverage categories in an effort to increase average transaction size.

Also, if the user wishes to customize an order, they can do so directly from the cart page. We provide this functionality on-page because we don't want the user to leave the cart — it's one step closer to conversion.