Dynamit is excited to announce the launch of the T. Marzetti Company Broker Portals!

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, T. Marzetti Company produces a long list of salad dressings, fruit and vegetable dips, frozen baked goods, and specialty brand items. Each day, the company‘s quality products are found on the dinner tables of millions of consumers, as well as in top restaurant chains across the country.

With a vast product library, the company’s brokers sell products all over the country. In order to provide brokers with the necessary tools and assets, T. Marzetti Company required a central location where brokers could digitally access related information. T. Marzetti Company partnered with Dynamit for the creation of two portals. The first is a retail sales portal that’s used by retail brokers and company employees. The retail sales portal includes information about products found in grocery stores, such as Marzetti Simply Dressed Avocado Ranch Dressing. The second is a foodservice portal used by foodservice brokers and company employees that includes products used in both schools and restaurants. The portals include product information such as price lists, links to relevant applications and user guides, as well as product assets such as logos and presentations, effectively serving as a light extranet for those related to the company.

Prior to working with Dynamit, T. Marzetti Company had a similar, outdated system in place that made it difficult to find specific items and files. T. Marzetti Company was looking for a modern solution that would speed up the process of locating documents and files. The system also needed to be able to segment users into groups, allowing different permissions based on the individual. This ensured that users are only able to access the files their group has permission for.

In building the new portals, another key feature Dynamit included was a notification system. Users can choose to send an email when a new asset is added to the portal as well as send a custom message for a group of assets. This notification system allows users to stay informed when new assets are added without having to manually check for what has been added to the portal.

T. Marzetti Company also valued a solution that was cost effective and less complex than some of the industry’s enterprise-level solutions. This led to the realization that custom designed portals on Wordpress would be best for the project. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, powering over 25% of the world’s ten million largest websites. WordPress also has built-in media functionality that allows users to upload files of all kinds easily, making it an ideal solution for the portals.

Overall, T. Marzetti Company set out to build its portals on a modern platform that was easy to use for both admins and users. To learn more about Dynamit and our experience with content management systems such as WordPress, email Billy Fischer at billy@dynamit.com.

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Brent Harmanis
Brent Harmanis