We are a digital agency focused on practical and progressive digital solutions that solve important business challenges.

Chances are you discovered us because you believe that your organization’s digital reputation is paramount to organizational growth. Also, you probably believe that digital relevance is no longer optional if you want your customers to keep choosing you.


As a company of digital natives, we live for the variety and power of digital technologies. To us, digital is far from a trendy idea. Digital is our spirit, our reason for being. At Dynamit, we choose to live and work in the digital space because we believe that digital technologies make the world a better place. That begs the question:

How can we help you create digital solutions that solve your business challenges and excite your users?

We love the work we do because we get to dive headfirst into organizations like yours and create holistic solutions that leverage the best of modern design, technology and innovative thinking. Our clients’ needs often include the development and management of websites, web applications, social campaigns, mobile solutions, enterprise software, content strategy and more.


  • Web Design / User Experience Design

    The art and science of translating your ideas into compelling visual experiences.

  • Web / Mobile Development

    The know-how of making your digital solution work well now and scale for the future.

  • 💡

    Digital Strategy

    The critical thinking needed to reveal and map out your organization’s digital opportunities.

  • 🕪

    Information architecture

    The hard work to effectively organize your data in a way that’s usable and maintainable.

  • 📣

    Content Strategy / Social Strategy

    The ability to devise a smart content plan to craft and communicate your message/brand.

  • 🏆

    Process Excellence

    The means to efficiently facilitate project collaboration, decision-making and quality.

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Posted by Nick Seguin

some frosted signage in the new office. does this make us a real company now?


Posted by Nick Seguin

Team meeting at Huntington Park.


Posted by Michael Waclo

All clean and ready for moving day!


Posted by Michael Waclo

Tuesday @dynamit Run Club


Posted by Phil Franks

Pre-move is complete... Now for lunch!


Posted by Michael Waclo